I have been so busy getting ready for the school year. I have most of my new books, the kids have their stuff, I THINK I now have all the paperwork done. I forgot what a pain it is to switch schools. It isn’t like a young kid where they just forward all the info over. Plus I have a huge complaint with UW, they send all announcements and all that through the email. The bad part? It is their email, which can’t be auto downloaded onto the PC like my other email. So I didn’t check it all summer, thinking it wasn’t going to be needed until this fall. I was totally wrong on that one. I had tons of emails to go through, and even had some syllabuses in there already. I really wish I could forward the email or have it sent to my other ones (Incredimail is my favorite.)

Books this semester? Not to bad only about $400. <sigh> So I have been ultra busy. Took Dust and the other crew members lunch today, Dust wanted pizza hut. OUCH, $80 for 4 large pizzas and a medium! I don’t remember them being that expensive, but I guess. So I am going to take a break and take the girls to the lake to go swimming later. That should break up the being on the phone, filling out paperwork and all that.

Heaven gets registered for classes tomorrow. I am not ready for her to be a high school student. I have talked to her about the fact she is going to have to help with dinner a lot. One of my classes doesn’t yet (as of yesterday) tell me which day it is on, but the others include dinner time Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Anyway, that is about all that is new…


TV Time

August 2, 2008

I have such a busy week coming up, I have decided that today is my TV day. 🙂 Tomorrow is my grandmothers birthday party (75th). Then starting on Monday it is me and Dust time. While this will be a blast, just thinking about it is wearing me out…

The girls and I walked to the lake last night. It was so warm, and really fun. We took Snickers and Girr this last time, and they were wonderfully wore out by the time we got home. About a quarter of a mile from home the girls were wore out though.

I didn’t think it was going to be fun at first because Nina was crying (I made her wear shoes and socks, I am such an ogre.) When we got to the lake Nina “accidentally” fell in. Lucky for her it was a warm enough night she didn’t get cold on the walk home. She is so goofy…

We drove all the way up for the appointments for the girls. They had them scheduled for tomorrow. Now when I wrote this on my calendar for the 30th, I repeated the info to them 2 times. I got the “yes that is correct.” So I was NOT happy about it. Not to mention I hate the drive. So their new appointments are on the 21st of August. UGH

So while I was there I picked up a couple of 10 gallon fish tanks for the rats. I think that was the only good part of the day.

Then we decide to hit Arby’s on the way home. The order was a regular roast beef, a medium roast beef, a chicken bacon and swiss, and a cheese stick. So they seemed to have trouble so we sat there to look at the order. Heaven tells me there isn’t any cheese sticks so I relay that. Then she opens the box (that she thought was the chicken sandwich, and it was the cheese sticks), so then she says it is the chicken sandwich, so I relay that. Turned out it was the medium roast beef that was missing. I finally relayed that. I felt like a dunce. So if you work at Arby’s and that was you, a heartfelt apology.

Then there is crazy road construction all over the place, so I come to a red light. A flagger waves at me with her flag, I go. Well evidently I was supposed to follow the red light not the flagger. So I felt like an idiot again. Not that I feel completely to blame on that one, after all I was taught to follow flaggers….

To top it off I feel so itchy and irritable because of my healing skin, and my lips feel like someone ripped the top layers of them off…. Just not feeling to happy today! Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Growing Up

July 30, 2008

Yesterday we went to town and Heaven took her driving test for her hardship. The lady said she did really well, and she now has her hardship. So we celebrated by going and getting her some applications for a job. I am not sure on my feelings about it, but I do feel a bit old at the moment. Although, I swear I am not really old.

Today is the orthopedic surgeon appointments. Which is a long drive, but hopefully we will find out something. I really want Heaven’s wrist to be all better. So I am hoping that happens. 🙂

I blistered yesterday everywhere I had burn. I looked like an alligator. I know I shouldn’t have but I soaked for a long time so those blisters would come off. So now I have a little bit of pealing skin left, but no blisters. Heaven helped rub them off.

I am SOOOO unfair!!!

July 23, 2008

So Heaven slept until after 10, Nina until after 1. They woke up to the following list;

1. Take out the trash

2. Vacuum the living room floor

3. Dump the cat box

4. Dust the living room

5. Clean up the front yard

OMG, they are so fricken abused… They want to go to the lake! Never mind that I spend at least 3 hours a morning cleaning. They can help… *SIGH

Day 5

July 22, 2008

Well here I am, and I thought for sure I would feel horrible. I didn’t feel horrible last night but not really good either. And the snacks “curbed” the hunger but didn’t take it away. This morning I feel great though! I haven’t taken any Isaflush yet, but I plan on adding it tomorrow.

Great news, the doctors office I was attempting to get an appointment with has called and the girls both have appointments on the 30th! (Dr. Dunn) So orthopedic surgeon her we come! YAH…

OH I forgot to tell my favorite part of my diet (supposed to be anti-diet). I haven’t been able to wear my favorite ring for months, and last night I was able to put it on! Granted it is still a little tight, but I am still so exited!

OK so yesterday, I was telling Katrina how she has to be careful because she hasn’t had x-ray’s yet. Heaven pops up and says “ya or you could end up with this.” The this? Her broken arm from 2 years ago (4-wheeler) didn’t heal right. So last night I asked a friend who knows way more about this stuff than I do what I should do. She told me to call an orthopedic surgeon, well a specific one, who to get an appointment with and the works.

So all morning I have been on the phone attempting to do that. I am not sure the why on some of it. First they write down all the info and say they will call me back, as they have to find out which doctor would be best. Then they call back and say they have to have all the records to see if they will see them. (I am attempting to make an appointment for both of them – both arms (one on each of them) and a small fracture Heaven got while walking across the road in flip flops.)

So I have this terrible feeling that my local clinic is going to be a bit angry with me. I called them and asked them to fax both the records for Katrina and Heaven. I am hoping to have a call back and an appointment before Nina’s next scheduled (Tuesday), for her x-rays and removal of her cast. If I get the appointment with the ortho I “think” I will cancel the Tuesday appointment.

You know those books “_____ for dummies”, well I need one with that blank being doctors. Which doctors to see for what injury, when to worry about the care and all that. I really don’t trust many of them so I research everything. However, there are a couple of problems. First when it is medical care, every situation is a little bit different so you can’t be sure. Second, I realize I am getting my information from the internet which is only so complete and so correct. <sigh> Should have attempted medical school! (Well not really I don’t have the memory for it, but the wish is there.)