August 16, 2008

Today we are doing Nina’s birthday party. I have actually had it on the calendar for months. We always go to this park and serve dinner. This year? Dustin’s family is doing a memorial for Carrie (who was killed last year). I don’t know what the guy who killed her got, but I know he got caught (he stole her car and kept it to get away.)

Anyway, I found out about this memorial thing on Thursday and was nicely asked to reschedule the birthday party. Huh? Sorry I don’t think so. I have the invites out, the cake ordered, the dinner bought, and so forth. For the last 3 years (since we lived here) we have always scheduled Nina’s birthday at the nearest Saturday. No it isn’t the anniversary of Carrie’s death, nor her birthday. It is however, the Saturday before Nina’s birthday.

Now I am thinking I am the meanest person alive, because really I don’t want them to come anyway. To me (maybe I am just really weird) her birthday party is about her anyway. The last thing she would choose is more people coming, I already got in trouble because she only wanted ONE friend. Evidently her friends don’t like each other and that causes way to much conflict for her. I keep telling her that her friends are going to have to deal with people they don’t like all the time. She says “but mom, they won’t play with each other and it gets exhausting if I have to keep changing who I am playing with.” (My big gonna be 9 year old says exhausting…)


TV Time

August 2, 2008

I have such a busy week coming up, I have decided that today is my TV day. ๐Ÿ™‚ Tomorrow is my grandmothers birthday party (75th). Then starting on Monday it is me and Dust time. While this will be a blast, just thinking about it is wearing me out…

The girls and I walked to the lake last night. It was so warm, and really fun. We took Snickers and Girr this last time, and they were wonderfully wore out by the time we got home. About a quarter of a mile from home the girls were wore out though.

I didn’t think it was going to be fun at first because Nina was crying (I made her wear shoes and socks, I am such an ogre.) When we got to the lake Nina “accidentally” fell in. Lucky for her it was a warm enough night she didn’t get cold on the walk home. She is so goofy…

So I had a nail appointment this morning (and Heaven right after) as a gift to myself. ๐Ÿ™‚ Nina had a doctors appointment at the same time… So I sent Heaven with Nina as they were just supposed to x-ray and remove her cast… What did they do? Calculated wrong and said it was a week to soon to remove the cast, and made her a new appointment! Obviously I wasn’t there to argue, during the visit they calculated since she got her second cast, not her first one…

I know it won’t hurt her to keep the cast on an extra week but it made my baby cry. Plus if I would have been there to argue with them she would have got it off, so I feel like such a horrible mom. She has been counting off the days for the last two weeks. Every day “only ___ days left!” She really wants to go the the lake and go swimming…

To late now, I wouldn’t be able to get her another appointment until next week… I am NOT happy about it.