I have been so busy getting ready for the school year. I have most of my new books, the kids have their stuff, I THINK I now have all the paperwork done. I forgot what a pain it is to switch schools. It isn’t like a young kid where they just forward all the info over. Plus I have a huge complaint with UW, they send all announcements and all that through the email. The bad part? It is their email, which can’t be auto downloaded onto the PC like my other email. So I didn’t check it all summer, thinking it wasn’t going to be needed until this fall. I was totally wrong on that one. I had tons of emails to go through, and even had some syllabuses in there already. I really wish I could forward the email or have it sent to my other ones (Incredimail is my favorite.)

Books this semester? Not to bad only about $400. <sigh> So I have been ultra busy. Took Dust and the other crew members lunch today, Dust wanted pizza hut. OUCH, $80 for 4 large pizzas and a medium! I don’t remember them being that expensive, but I guess. So I am going to take a break and take the girls to the lake to go swimming later. That should break up the being on the phone, filling out paperwork and all that.

Heaven gets registered for classes tomorrow. I am not ready for her to be a high school student. I have talked to her about the fact she is going to have to help with dinner a lot. One of my classes doesn’t yet (as of yesterday) tell me which day it is on, but the others include dinner time Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Anyway, that is about all that is new…