TV Time

August 2, 2008

I have such a busy week coming up, I have decided that today is my TV day. 🙂 Tomorrow is my grandmothers birthday party (75th). Then starting on Monday it is me and Dust time. While this will be a blast, just thinking about it is wearing me out…

The girls and I walked to the lake last night. It was so warm, and really fun. We took Snickers and Girr this last time, and they were wonderfully wore out by the time we got home. About a quarter of a mile from home the girls were wore out though.

I didn’t think it was going to be fun at first because Nina was crying (I made her wear shoes and socks, I am such an ogre.) When we got to the lake Nina “accidentally” fell in. Lucky for her it was a warm enough night she didn’t get cold on the walk home. She is so goofy…


We drove all the way up for the appointments for the girls. They had them scheduled for tomorrow. Now when I wrote this on my calendar for the 30th, I repeated the info to them 2 times. I got the “yes that is correct.” So I was NOT happy about it. Not to mention I hate the drive. So their new appointments are on the 21st of August. UGH

So while I was there I picked up a couple of 10 gallon fish tanks for the rats. I think that was the only good part of the day.

Then we decide to hit Arby’s on the way home. The order was a regular roast beef, a medium roast beef, a chicken bacon and swiss, and a cheese stick. So they seemed to have trouble so we sat there to look at the order. Heaven tells me there isn’t any cheese sticks so I relay that. Then she opens the box (that she thought was the chicken sandwich, and it was the cheese sticks), so then she says it is the chicken sandwich, so I relay that. Turned out it was the medium roast beef that was missing. I finally relayed that. I felt like a dunce. So if you work at Arby’s and that was you, a heartfelt apology.

Then there is crazy road construction all over the place, so I come to a red light. A flagger waves at me with her flag, I go. Well evidently I was supposed to follow the red light not the flagger. So I felt like an idiot again. Not that I feel completely to blame on that one, after all I was taught to follow flaggers….

To top it off I feel so itchy and irritable because of my healing skin, and my lips feel like someone ripped the top layers of them off…. Just not feeling to happy today! Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Can’t Sleep

July 17, 2008

I can’t sleep and I think it is because of the excitement of trying that new product? (well new to me)… Which is just silly but I guess whatever. Maybe it is just the full moon, the kids aren’t asleep either I guess…