August 16, 2008

Today we are doing Nina’s birthday party. I have actually had it on the calendar for months. We always go to this park and serve dinner. This year? Dustin’s family is doing a memorial for Carrie (who was killed last year). I don’t know what the guy who killed her got, but I know he got caught (he stole her car and kept it to get away.)

Anyway, I found out about this memorial thing on Thursday and was nicely asked to reschedule the birthday party. Huh? Sorry I don’t think so. I have the invites out, the cake ordered, the dinner bought, and so forth. For the last 3 years (since we lived here) we have always scheduled Nina’s birthday at the nearest Saturday. No it isn’t the anniversary of Carrie’s death, nor her birthday. It is however, the Saturday before Nina’s birthday.

Now I am thinking I am the meanest person alive, because really I don’t want them to come anyway. To me (maybe I am just really weird) her birthday party is about her anyway. The last thing she would choose is more people coming, I already got in trouble because she only wanted ONE friend. Evidently her friends don’t like each other and that causes way to much conflict for her. I keep telling her that her friends are going to have to deal with people they don’t like all the time. She says “but mom, they won’t play with each other and it gets exhausting if I have to keep changing who I am playing with.” (My big gonna be 9 year old says exhausting…)


2 Responses to “Nina”

  1. Steph Says:

    How come families can be so selfish at times? Honestly I just scratch my head at the ability of people to be so selfish and petty when little kids are concerned.

    On the friend thing LOL!! She so sounds just like you!! Friends are exhausting no matter who you are so I can totally get that, but family is so much more exhausting. Just be glad she hasn’t learned that lesson yet!!

  2. Ranisa Says:

    Here is my heartless response….(I am not really cold but I deal with dealth a bit differently than most). I am sorry for those that morn the loss of Carrie, but she is dead. If you really focus on her life….was she the type of person that would have wanted a memorial thing instead of a kids BD party? Most peple are not that way.

    So sad that your daughter feels that she is going to be torn between friends at her birthday party! I would have talked to the moms…..get along or else!

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