Doctors, Doctors and Doctors

July 16, 2008

OK so yesterday, I was telling Katrina how she has to be careful because she hasn’t had x-ray’s yet. Heaven pops up and says “ya or you could end up with this.” The this? Her broken arm from 2 years ago (4-wheeler) didn’t heal right. So last night I asked a friend who knows way more about this stuff than I do what I should do. She told me to call an orthopedic surgeon, well a specific one, who to get an appointment with and the works.

So all morning I have been on the phone attempting to do that. I am not sure the why on some of it. First they write down all the info and say they will call me back, as they have to find out which doctor would be best. Then they call back and say they have to have all the records to see if they will see them. (I am attempting to make an appointment for both of them – both arms (one on each of them) and a small fracture Heaven got while walking across the road in flip flops.)

So I have this terrible feeling that my local clinic is going to be a bit angry with me. I called them and asked them to fax both the records for Katrina and Heaven. I am hoping to have a call back and an appointment before Nina’s next scheduled (Tuesday), for her x-rays and removal of her cast. If I get the appointment with the ortho I “think” I will cancel the Tuesday appointment.

You know those books “_____ for dummies”, well I need one with that blank being doctors. Which doctors to see for what injury, when to worry about the care and all that. I really don’t trust many of them so I research everything. However, there are a couple of problems. First when it is medical care, every situation is a little bit different so you can’t be sure. Second, I realize I am getting my information from the internet which is only so complete and so correct. <sigh> Should have attempted medical school! (Well not really I don’t have the memory for it, but the wish is there.)


One Response to “Doctors, Doctors and Doctors”

  1. Steph Says:

    They’ll get you in. They are more picky now than they used to be because the ER doctors are forever misdiagnosing breaks. They did it w/ my ankle. So they won’t make an appointment for anyone now w/out seeing the X-Rays first to avoid people making appointments that don’t really have broken bones or joint problems. It sounds bad but it keeps them from being so insanely booked up.

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