Growing Up

July 30, 2008

Yesterday we went to town and Heaven took her driving test for her hardship. The lady said she did really well, and she now has her hardship. So we celebrated by going and getting her some applications for a job. I am not sure on my feelings about it, but I do feel a bit old at the moment. Although, I swear I am not really old.

Today is the orthopedic surgeon appointments. Which is a long drive, but hopefully we will find out something. I really want Heaven’s wrist to be all better. So I am hoping that happens. 🙂

I blistered yesterday everywhere I had burn. I looked like an alligator. I know I shouldn’t have but I soaked for a long time so those blisters would come off. So now I have a little bit of pealing skin left, but no blisters. Heaven helped rub them off.