My Girls; Heaven and Katrina.

Heaven is a normal teenager for the times. Lots of text messages, phone calls, wants to go all the time, and takes lots of pictures of herself. This picture she included her sister for cuteness. At the time of this writing she has her permit and will be going for her hardship soon. She will be starting high school and is fourteen years old.

Katrina is a little bit abnormal 😛 for the times. She loves crafts, is learning how to crochet, hates to read (but we are working on that), and generally is a all around good kid. She is going into the fourth grade, (did I mention she loves math?), and she is 8 years old. Soon to be 9, she wants a DS for her birthday.


This is a very old picture of Dustin and I. We met when I was 19 and he was 20 (turned 21 soon after.) We have been together since then. (This picture was taken at a photo booth thing at a movie theater in Charleston, South Carolina.) We have been through a lot, and have had our ups and downs. There have been many times when we didn’t think we would make it, but I think that is over. (Amazing what growing up a bit will do.)

Dustin is a bit on the serious side, and lots of people call him the “naughty” donkey name for it. However, if you can get him comfortable he relaxes and acts like a normal person. He works hard to take care of us, and is generally a sap. (Which I am thankful for.) We love him dearly.

I am a bit more relaxed most of the time. The kids come to me when they want something as I do that, “is there a reason for saying no, or am I just saying it” thing. I don’t care if my house is a mess (now that doesn’t mean I can stand a dirty house, dirty and messy aren’t the same thing), and things like that. I do have some depression issues, and a couple of health issues, which can get me down but generally I am a happy person.

The Critters:

6 dogs (did I mention I am nuts?)
1 cat
1 snake
Lots of Rats


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