So Monday we went and ran around looking at the vendors, Dust bought a new jacket and I bought a couple of new shirts. It was hot, but fun. Not something I would want to do everyday, there are just so many people. We went to the Full Throttle on Monday. Which we go to quite a lot. They have the normal Sturgis feel there, but it it free to get in and we had a blast. You meet some really interesting people.

Yesterday we went to the Buffalo Chip. Mainly because they had Lynyrd Skynyrd and I really wanted to see the band. Theory of a Deadman opened for them, and they weren’t bad. Not really my kind of music, as it was a bit heavy. However, their music onstage was set up wrong. The lead singer has a nice voice, but most of the time you couldn’t hear a word he was saying. The music drowned him out, it was up to loud or his was turned down to much. I am not sure what the band that played in the middle of those two is. They were hilarious though. Adult hilarious though, but great laughs.

As for Skynyrd, they sound SO good on stage. Anyone that loves their music should go see them in concert. They didn’t sing a couple of my favorite songs, but it was a really good performance, and they were up there quite a while.

Now the Buffalo Chip by itself; how do I say this? They suck! I haven’t been there since I was 19 or 20ish. It was basically a huge field with a stage. It was really fun. If we would have just went for the concert it wouldn’t have been bad, but we went early. They had a schedule of events, that you can’t find because they don’t announce anything. Waiting was boring. They also have tons of vendors, can you say taco bell; 2 bean burritos, 1 hard shell taco almost $6? I know they need to up their prices a bit to make up for the fact they went all the way out there and stuff. However, more than double? Greedy! Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend the chip, unless you want to see a concert. In which case go to the concert don’t go early. We were planning on staying the night there (we had day passes), but it was SO much fun I just wanted to go home…

Oh and the people at the chip? Mostly rude. People (not to smart in my opinion) parked their bikes in the crowd near the stage (well before the crowd gathered), people threw beer cans on them and stuff. I was so surprised it isn’t something I have seen anywhere else. I had three different people dump beer on me, and while these I am pretty sure were accidents, no apologizing at all. I was very disappointed in the group of people, they just weren’t polite at all… (Some who don’t do this won’t understand as the movies show bikers as a rude bunch. Until yesterday, I had never met a rude biker. Crude yes, but not rude!)

That is pretty much my last couple of days. I might skip out and not go today. I am not as young as I used to be and I feel pretty wore out. We will see though 🙂