Thirteen Things about Terra

This is going to be 13 random things about me, so that hopefully I can get some help naming my blog based upon my personality.

1. I am a sarcastic person, this is my idea of funny.

2. I am a mother of two girls.

3. I have a lot of critters. I have 6 dogs (don’t do it, lots of work), a cat, a snake, and rats.

4. My sweetheart Dustin, is a huge part of my life. I do everything I can to make him as happy as I can. He is happiest when I am happy.

5. I am spoiled. My sweetheart attempts to give me everything and anything I want.

6. I am attending school to get a degree in criminal justice. I intended on being a probation officer when I am done.

7. I am human and make mistakes, I try to make fun of myself when I do this… I find it funny.

8. I hate a dirty house, and yet hate cleaning it.

9. I play a couple of online games; one is a roll playing game and the other is a virtual dog breeding game.

10. I like reading other peoples blogs, you can find out so many interesting things. Plus sometimes you learn you aren’t as weird as you thought you were.

11. I play on the internet to much. Sitting at my laptop happens more often than in should.

12. Heaven is my best friend. (My oldest child) This is wonderful but when I have to mother her sometimes I think it causes her problems. Imagine your best friend also being the person who takes care of you and tells you what you can and can’t do. I didn’t intend it that way, but I am glad in some ways. I have learned that most mothers “think” they know what is going on in their teen years, I do know. (Sometimes I wish I didn’t.)

13. I go through phases. I will do something for a couple of months, then I will put it away for a month or two… On and on the cycle goes.

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