I am SO miserable today. I got up at 6 this morning and took another cool baking soda bath. Then went back to  bed for a while (until almost 10). My lips even got sunburn, I didn’t realize it until this morning though. I thought they were dry and chapped so I have been treating them with Vaseline for the lips. My punishment for not realizing this, simple blisters on my lips. *SIGH

I didn’t do anything but watch TV yesterday. My house is refilthifing itself. *yes I know that isn’t a word. I did come up with something that I think is interesting. I truly believe if you have studied a culture and have no respect for that culture, you learned nothing. It amazes me how many cultures there are and were, and how people just assume those cultures are awful and don’t take the time to really learn about them.

I suppose as boring as it is that is my post 🙂