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August 9, 2008

I stepped on the scale this morning and I am shocked. I am 169 pounds. I thought for sure going off the diet for almost a full week would make me weigh more. I am happy it hasn’t. I will resume the diet today.

I had fun, but I feel my age today. It is obvious to me I am not a teenager anymore. I guess I am not really old, but I think of all those people that do it all week long, don’t take a break, camp there, and are quite a bit older than me. WOW… I feel like I need a vacation for my vacation, just makes me wonder how they feel…

I actually stayed home yesterday, and I am done for the week. I just didn’t make a post because I was tired and wore out. So that is about it, one Sturgis Rally down, and now it is time to catch up on my laundry and stuff. The girls didn’t do horrible with stuff (specially not Monday and Tuesday when they weren’t here), but they didn’t quite keep the house cleaning where I would have liked to see it…


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