Busy Day Yesterday

July 26, 2008

So yesterday I went with Dust so he could have some work on his Vstar thing. We spent most of the day gone, which ruined my cleanse day. I ate at the olive garden, but I only had salad and breadsticks. It wouldn’t have been cheating (I could have had soup even) if it would have been a shake day, but it was a cleanse day. Oh well it tasted SO good I think it was worth it. And really only the breadsticks were cheating.

Bought myself a new dress, because my clothes were killing my sunburn. It is cute, the pattern isn’t my favorite but it looks cute on (patten looks like some hankies.) Have I mentioned that it is boring being at a motorcycle/ATV place? Well for me it is. Dust wants to look at all sorts of things that I could care less about. So he ended up buying  a replacement visor for his helmet and new mirrors for the bike. Oh and the oil change as they didn’t have time for the valve job. Which means that most likely Dustin will do that part himself.


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