Day 6

July 23, 2008

This will be my last talk about Isagenix unless something absolutely thrilling happens. I am sold on the system (well minus my weigh in days I will share those.) So I am down 5 pounds as of yesterday and the scale says the same thing today. I look forward to putting in my next order! I feel great and so on…

Yesterday, took Nina to her appointment and her arm looks really good. She still has a small part that isn’t completely healed, but as long as she doesn’t do anything tremendously bad to it, it will be fine. I figure since the orthopedic surgeon appointment isn’t until the 30th, the x-rays checking it out wouldn’t be so bad. A few things that made me feel even better about my Dr office? They had us written down (for this) with doctors we didn’t see. Not  huge, but never the less you kind of expect your doctors to be perfect. Also the doctor we saw yesterday said it was not normal for a cast to come right off (which really doesn’t surprise me). However, it getting wet would explain it. Which honestly made me laugh because I tried so hard to get her in because it got wet. (Which was why her arm was blistering under the cast, and why she didn’t get in trouble for taking the cast off.)

I think that is about it…


One Response to “Day 6”

  1. Annette Says:

    Glad all is well with you. I hope to see your posts. I plan to do another cleanse in a month, about August 15th or so. I’m so grateful i found your posts. More motivation

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