Day 4

July 21, 2008

I am So not looking forward to today. Yesterday sucked. I didn’t feel that great. I took a nap after my last entry yesterday. Then I had to go to a family BBQ, and it smelled so good. Thank goodness it was pork, I don’t eat pork anyway. (To me pigs are like dogs, and I just won’t eat them. I would if I had to for some reason, but thankfully there is nothing in the human that HAS to eat pork.) Anyway, I ate 5 ounces of grilled (no seasoning) chicken. I should have brought some other things from the house too, but I didn’t. As there was nothing there that I was willing to spend calories on (well I did eat a roll.) Potato salad, and other funky salads. Sorry if they have mayo, mustard, ranch, or some other dressing I don’t like nor eat them. My other choice was chips, and I just didn’t think that was diet conscious.

After “dinner” I was OK. But this morning I feel a bit icky in the belly so I haven’t drank my “breakfast” yet. I thought I would try to drink some water and maybe have a snack or two first. (My legal can have snacks, hoping they will settle my belly. Other than my belly feeling a little off I have had more energy. Which surprises me. I have wanted to do stuff that normally makes me cringe, just because I want to do something. Can you say OMG Terra has every bit of her laundry done! And OMG Terra has wanted to clean her house! Not that I don’t work on those things every day but I WANT to plus more of it has gotten done than normal. I actually changed my sheets and made my bed yesterday. I didn’t think it was significant when I did it, but looking back I only do that every couple of weeks (it has only been one week), and I made my bed this morning. I have always been one of those people that say “It is pointless to make your bed you are just gonna sleep in it” type people. Granted it is little stuff, but still cool.

OK, so for those that didn’t know me at all before; I worked out and ate 1200-1500 calories a day for 4 months. I lost 5 pounds in that time. I was so discouraged I just gave up and quit. It seemed to me if I was loosing 5 pounds with tons of work, and maintaining being normal, I would stick to normal. Not that I am not willing to work for results, but I have to see some sort of progress. (And some days I would be UP on the scale, I am giving you the best case example.)

Granted I haven’t seen the HUGE difference that I have seen some people display, but more than I was with the generally recommended way.

So I am off to have breakfast…


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