Day 3

July 20, 2008

So last night I stayed up a bit later (until about 10) playing a game. Then it was like wham, “you are now tired.” So I went to bed. All in all the shake days weren’t horrible, and when I ate a full meal (low fat but still) I wasn’t hungry. When I ate only a normal meal for me I was starving in the middle of the night.

I got up this morning and made my drink. I chose to make it with the water and a little of the electrolyte drink. (There are 3 options as I did it, plain and drink water after, or mix it with the water without the electolyte drink. It said “added flavor” and more energy the way I did it.) Anyway YUCK. It comes out looking like apple juice, but I can’t even describe the flavor. Watered down something, and a bit bitter. It isn’t bad enough I can’t drink it but bad enough I don’t want to. (I will anyway of course.)

I am supposed to check my weight and everything today (day 3 and day 9)… So here we go

My Measurement and Weight Chart
Before – Day 3

Neck: 14.5 – 14.5

Upper Arm Left 12.5 – 13

Upper Arm Right 13 (wow that is kind of embarrassing they are different!) – 13.5

Chest: 39.5 – 39.25

Diaphragm 34.5 – 33.5

Waist (eww don’t want to admit this one) 38.5 – 38

Abdomen 42 – 42

Buttocks 44 -44

Upper Thigh Left 28 – 27.5

Upper Thigh Right 27 – 27.25

Calf Left 15 – 15

Calf Right 15 – 15

Upper Knee Left 18 – 18

Upper Knee Right 18 – 18

My total Inches: 359.5 – 358.5

My weight: 178 – 176

Current BMI: 30.6 – 30.2

So there is progress there, not as much as I would expect for the amount of calories I am eating though. Did I mention this drink is horrible? I think the flavor is like apple juice but with a skunked flavor (I don’t know if apple juice does that, but I know beer does.) So skunked apple juice… To bad I am doing this to the letter, as I am sure I could mix it with something to make it taste not so ewww.


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