Isagenix Day 1

July 18, 2008

I have taken my natural accelerator pill and am now drinking my “shake.” It doesn’t really taste good, but not horrible either. It has a spicy (think pumpkin pie) smell that is enjoyable. (This is French Vanilla flavored). I think it would taste pretty good if made into a smoothie (banana’s and strawberries maybe?) It is thick, so I am hopeful on the not having the staving feeling.

Will update about this at dinner, or earlier if I have something I am afraid I will forget (about feeling and so forth.) According to the instructional/educational CD I can expect to not feel to great (double that because I am a caffine drinker – can anyone say withdrawls?) Evidently when you body gets rid of all the nasty stuff in it you don’t feel well, and the more toxins in your body the more that is true. Which is true from my experience! When I quit smoking last year (6 months yeah me) I felt horrible, and when I quit mountain dew I had the biggest headache in my life! (BTW, I am still off mountain dew, just need to try again on the smoking…)


4 Responses to “Isagenix Day 1”

  1. Annette Eastham Says:

    I’m on day two today. 7/18.08 so we are about the same. I bare with the choc.shake in the morning and night. I had a good salad today. I’m a bit afraid of tomorrow when i start the clense. I do miss reg food. and I have 5 kids eating reg stuff around me. I am going to do this though. I eat a pretty reg good diet, but stay the same weight. about the 180s. I’m ready to be a bit thinner and if i can get rid of my allergies that would be cool. I be checking out your blog every day. Good luck

  2. Terra Says:

    OH thank you! If you have a blog I would love to add it and see where your journey goes! (Sounds like you did the 30 day?)

  3. Annette Says:

    no i’m doing the 9 day. I don’t think I could hack the 30 day. Sorry I don’t have a bog.

  4. Terra Says:

    LOL, I am not sure if I could or not! Let me know how you are doing though. 😀

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