Isagenix ~Arrived~

July 17, 2008

OK so my Isagenix arrived today. So I will try this system (9 days) starting tomorrow. Here are my details…

(Asks for this in a booklet but I am going to do it here to instead of in the book.)

My Cleanse Calendar

July 18-19th = Pre-cleanse
IsaLean Shake – 2 servings per day for breakfast and dinner? (OMG dinner? OK)
One low fat, high fiber meal per day (400-600 calories) Thank goodness this is only for 2 days!

July 20-21st = Cleanse Days
1/2 cup of cleanse for life with 8 oz of water 4 times a day
Isagenix Snacks – up to 6 a day

July 22-26th = Shake Days
2 servings of IsaLean Shake for breakfast and dinner
One sensible meal (400-600 calories)
Isagnix Snacks – Up to 6

July 27-28 = Cleanse Days
Repeat of Day 1 & 2

Water – drink lots, my personal amount is 89 oz.
Natural Accelerator Capsules – 2 a day (breakfast and lunch)
Ionix Supreme (isn’t included in pack) 2-4 T daily…

My Measurement and Weight Chart

Neck: 14.5

Upper Arm Left 12.5

Upper Arm Right 13 (wow that is kind of embarrassing they are different!)

Chest: 39.5

Diaphragm 34.5

Waist (eww don’t want to admit this one) 38.5

Abdomen 42

Buttocks 44

Upper Thigh Left 28

Upper Thigh Right 27

Calf Left 15

Calf Right 15

Upper Knee Left 18

Upper Knee Right 18

My total Inches: 359.5m (wow that seems like a lot of inches!)

My weight: 178

Current BMI: 30.6

My Personal Analysis

I have no Coach. My overall health is good-fair, my only prescription meds are allergy meds, I currently experience; constipation, fatigue, mood swings.

How often I consume the following: cigarette smoke – everyday always, caffeine – most days sometimes, alcohol – rarely, refined sugar – most days sometimes.

My Personal Success Promise

I Terra, commit to complete the following Isagenix system, Cleansing and Fat Burning System 9 day supply. My goal is to reach my target weight of 140 pounds by November 3rd, 2008. I am moderately motivated. My other goals include having more energy.


I will update tomorrow with taste (hey most people that describe this stuff sell it, so I am SO not sure about it), and how I feel. That means if I feel HUNGRY I will say so…

Terra Before Start

Terra Before Start

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3 Responses to “Isagenix ~Arrived~”

  1. Ranisa Says:

    You are a brave girl posting ALL the details on this!!! Good for you! I wish you success.

  2. Terra Says:

    Thanks Ranisa 😀

  3. Steph Says:

    WOW you are SO much braver than I am!!! NO WAY am I going to post any of that stuff! LOL GOOD LUCK!! You do know what a “cleanse system” is though right? Let’s just say it should fix one of the problems you mentioned…

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