Waking Up is Hard to Do…

July 13, 2008

I found out this morning what happens in my dreams if I sleep through my alarm. (I NEVER remember my dreams so I thought this was WAY cool.) I dream that all the phone are doing that nasty sound that goes along with it being off the hook for to long. Then I find a phone, and hang it up to realize there is another one out there still left to find. I found at least 6 phones before the alarm was shut off and I was woke up. (We actually only have 3 phones in real life.)

Well time for me to run; feed and water all the critters. Bonus today, unless one of them makes a mess I have no cages (or yard) that I have to clean today! Plus the 14 year old gets home today, and she gets to help the rest of the week. Tomorrow the 8 year old gets her cast off (bike accident – guess it isn’t on here since I restarted my blog).

I am still debating if I want to use their names or not this time around… (My first and longest blog was deleted because of nasty comments and rudeness from some of my ex’s family.) Still thinking if they were to look for it they will find this one as it has the same address. However, since I made it private for quite a while, why would they look? Will my general speech (the fact my name is in the blog URL) give me away anyway? I am not sure, I don’t hate them BTW, just don’t really want them reading my blog. 😛


2 Responses to “Waking Up is Hard to Do…”

  1. Steph Says:

    I say use “H” and “N” and only post rear facing photos. Why invite that back in? And the address for this one is different btw. I’ll remind you what the other was later. ;o)

  2. Terra Says:

    LOL… I figure I will just erase anything that they say if they ever find it 😀

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