~Sold~ Info on Trying Something New

July 13, 2008

I don’t know if this is going to work for me or not yet… However, I was unable to buy from the person I wanted to because of my PO Box address… I could call and do it, but I HATE the phone… Plus at first my sweetheart didn’t want me to do it, my fault for the in the corner treadmill… 😛

So the system is called Isagenix… But I feel a bit guilty about it because I didn’t buy it from the associate who talked me (no pressure) into trying it… It is a bit expensive (think about $150 investment.)

So once it gets here and I try it out, I will blog about it. If it works (which means I am going to have to buy a new scale mine broke last year, after my sweetheart used it as a prop for something heavy) and how it tastes and all that.

If anyone is interested in trying it out (now or later) check it out HERE. Doing a little advertising for not buying the right way… It is costing me a little more NOT doing it though the site (trying the 9 day then I will think about going for more.) But we will see…

So I will update as things happen… I am kind of scared as everyone who knows me knows, I am WAY picky. I have to drink “shakes” and I don’t like real shakes! Well we will see…

Edit: Link Changed


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