Spider Phobia

July 12, 2008

I was in my bathroom, spraying off a small cage in the bath tub. Glanced over at the sink and there is a wolf spider. Not full grown but HUGE anyway. I screamed. Turned off the water in the bathtub and used the shower thing to spray the sink for a long time. Satisfied that the spider was long gone I turned it off and went about my business. About ten minutes later I had to use the bathroom. That nasty spider was back in the sink!

I didn’t notice it until I went to wash my hands as it was on the close side that you can’t see (at my height) until you look directly down it in. So I screamed again. Ran the water again (that damn spider was actually attempting to swim!) Then used a knife handle to shut the drain, put bleach in the water that was still there. (He was in the drain at this point.)

The bleach should kill him right? (It will slowly drain with the plug closed.) I don’t know but now I can’t make myself open the plug back up! I feel like such a wuss for not being able to take care of a spider, but I still have the creepy crawlies, so the drain isn’t getting opened for a while!


3 Responses to “Spider Phobia”

  1. Ranisa Says:

    So my husband is way afriad of spiders too. I mean to look at a guy like him you would never think it. I have some funny stories about it. I wasn’t for sure that I recognized your name but I am assuming that you know Kris some how? Thanks so much for telling me about the link thing, I figured that was the button to click on but I had no clue about the highlinghting the word that wanted the link to go to. I did it-and I must say my editing looks so much better than the first blog.


  2. Steph Says:

    I hate spiders so much but you know this. I use Lysol spray to kill them. NO getting near them and they can’t survive it. LOL

  3. Terra Says:

    OH, I didn’t know Lysol would kill them! I have that in like every room too!

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